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Floating is an escape in stillness. A break for your mind's attention and your body's physical requirements. There simply isn't anything quite like Floating. 

New studies are coming out around floating and revealing new and exciting benefits to the practice, we are Float focused, and here's our mantra!

Providing the best floating environment possible. Focusing on quality floats, building the practice, and growing the float community. 

Delivering float therapy at its best. 
True Floating!

The list of health benefits from Infrared Sauna is long but my favorite by far is a decrease in all-cause mortality. Using a sauna regularly is your way to fend off the grim reaper himself and keep your health in prime condition.  


Conditions of Entry: Must be free from any

symptoms of Covid-19 or regular flu. 

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— Micheal Crush

I went for a float after a rather hectic massage. I’d usually feel it for a few days but after a float, the recovery was much faster. The next days my body felt great.

The float itself was super relaxing. A Very meditative experience. Great for the body and mind. Highly recommend.