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Couples Float Tank

Looking to unwind while sharing a cool experience with a friend or a perfectly relaxing couples night out ? 
Suitable for any night of the week, especially for those night’s where you would like to take it easy. Coming to our centre is like having night in while out. 
Shareable with friends, our Couples sauna and couples Float tank experiences come in a few different combinations.

The most common way friends and couples enjoy our space is to begin with sharing an infrared sauna before heading to individual float tanks in separate rooms, this is called “the Flauna” Sauna Float combination 
The package is a great way to catch up with your partner or friend while also getting plenty of personal space during the float on which you can compare experiences at the end.

An infrared sauna is dry and less directly intense than a traditional or Swedish sauna, therefore its much easier to spend longer duration without a break. The slower build of infrared heat is a deep relaxing sweat which certainly delivers. 

Spending 45 minutes is very achievable, often its just last 10 minutes to push yourself. During this time, you can chat and catch up, read or simply relax in each others company.

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By the time the Infrared Sauna is up you are ready head to your own room to cool down in the shower before drifting into the float experience.

You’ve removed toxins during the sauna and opened pores of your skin, priming yourself to absorb Magnesium from the magnesium rich Epsom salts. The float is best done after the sauna because it flows more naturally - you shower before the float to wash away the sweat, getting clean for the float, then again after the floating to remove additional salt. 

The heat from an Infrared Sauna can lull you to wanting nothing but to lay down, this is where a bed of 35ºC water and 400kg of Epsom salts provide the weightless experience like no other. 

The “ Flauna package” is best reserved for a 2.5 hour stint of free time, if you less time consider trying the services separately by either sharing a sauna or booking two float rooms.

Although we recommend doing our “Fluana” in the sauna float order we are know each to their own so don’t hesitate to book it the other way as a float sauna combination. Give us some feedback.

When looking to unwind and share the experience, try searching couples sauna Sydney or couples float tank Sydney and look for us - True Float, your home away from home.