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Infrared Sauna Darlinghurst

Infrared sauna Darlinghurst, we are also Infrared Sauna Paddington as our location sits right on the boarder between these two great neighborhoods.


Only a 5 minute walk downhill from Taylor Square, opposite Vernoa Cinema is True Float. You’re local Wellness Centre, with 2 Sunlighten Infrared Saunas and 4 Float tanks and other services on the way.

We provide towels, showers, reading material and a very chill environment. Enjoy a mini-mum of 45 minutes in premium two seater sunlighten infrared Saunas.


For an additional $15 on arrival, invite a friend to share the session with. A great way to catch up with a friend as well as burn some calories while doing something health focused.


Go online or call to Book Infrared Sauna. Where you can swing by before, dur-ing lunch or after work to sweat away the any aches and pains and enjoy the many benefits of sauna use.


Key points for Infrared sauna use!

  • Anti ageing - Decrease all cause mortality ! This is a big and mainly overlooked benefit of

  • heat therapy. Sauna use can signal the body to boost white blood cell production, support

  • the immune system response. And positively stress the circulatory system which reduces

  • the risk of heart and circulatory related illness.

  • Clear toxins and improve skins health and appearance

  • Burn calories while meditating, relaxing, listening to a podcast/music or reading a book.

  • Great for the days when you missed the morning workout.

  • Pain relief - endorphin release

  • Induces a good nights sleep when done in the evening

  • Relieve stress, let the body sweat while you slow down, read a book or meditate

If you are looking for the ultimate package consider using the Infrared sauna to set you up for a good float. Called the ‘Flauna’ out float sauna combo but done in the order of sauna float. The Sauna allows you to first calm your mind and slow down, while you release tox-ins, the pores of your skin open. Following with a float you’re skin is prime to absorb mag-nesium from the Epsom salts. Shower before a float to cool down pre float and after, to wash away excess salt.


A few hours with us, deep diving on a solid self care session, you leave the centre re-freshed and certainly relaxed.


The ‘Flauna’ package is also great to bring a friend or partner. Catch up while also getting a slice of your own space during your sessions. Simply book another float at the same time as your own, add your friend to the sauna by paying the additional $15 on arrival. And done,you share the same sauna, catch up, chat about life and then finishing with the sauna head to your own private rooms with float tank and shower. To emerge 75 minuets later to share thoughts on the float experience post Infrared Sauna.


If you’re looking for the best Infrared Sauna in Darlinghurst? Our Sunlighten Saunas have you covered.


Don’t mind the short stroll two blocks down from Taylor Square is the dual neighbourhood location of Paddington / Darlinghurst infrared Sauna sessions at True Float.