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A Float tank is like a bath with a roof and a door to get in and out, a floater lies in about 30cm of super-saturated saltwater, body half in and half out of the water. The water is kept at skin temperature, allowing you to forget your body and feel weightless. There is no light and sound leaving you floating in probably the calmest place you can find in the modern world. 


Releasing the body from gravity's pressure, providing space for the mind.


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Float therapy sydney


No matter how we spend our days we all feel the pressures of the modern world.


Whether you are an athlete, artist, or business person, studying for an exam, apprehensive about an upcoming event, pregnant, recovering from injury or illness, or dealing with insomnia, float therapy can help you feel your best.


Free from distraction your mind is able to truly relax. Your cortisol levels go down and your mind opens up, slipping into the deeper Theta and Delta brainwaves.


Floating improves circulation and enables your muscles, joints, and skeleton to take a break from the weight of gravity, allowing your body to redirect resources to regenerate and heal your system. No not mention the magnesium in the salt is great for your muscles, hair, and skin.


Studies are still coming out revealing the benefits of floating, the full depth of what this practice can do is still evolving.

Deep relaxation may be essential to perform or feel at your best.


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True Float offers industry-leading float tanks and infrared sauna in a tranquil environment to provide you with the best experience possible. 


Joe Rogan the famous podcaster and UFC commentator describes with passion his thoughts on Floating. He has been a great advocate for the Float industry, thanks Joe.