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What to expect when you Float?

A break, some physical and mental recovery, space to unwind, re-set the mood, evaluate life, or simply pass out on a cloud.


New studies are revealing more exciting benefits of Floating, to start here are some simple reasons to float.  

  • Unplug, slow down and reset the associations between visceral sensations and relaxation. Focus on your breath, heart beat, basic physical sensations, etc. - the simplest way to reconnect to the body and self regulate into a calmer mental state.

  • Align skeletal and muscular structure, allow the anti-gravity effect to take the weight off like nothing else. Open the posture, assisting with alignment and physical awareness.

  • Naturally meditate or prioritise thoughts, observing where the mind wonders.

  • Sooth the nervous system through the absorption of magnesium from the 350+ kg of epsom salts. Magnesium can regulate muscle & nerve function, assisting pain management & inducing better sleep.

  • Relieve anxiety through the process of reduced environmental stimulation therapy. A deeper self awareness and connection to a calmer self is sure to follow.


Take a break, get a boost. Whether a float set’s you up for the day ahead, you sneak in the lunch break to beat the afternoon slump. Or get a moment before the next social event of the afternoon/evening. A float can give you that advantage of a restful state in a short amount of time. Float in your own world of nothingness, low audio, visual and physical feedback like never before, escape the stress of the modern world for 75 minutes.

So remember "when googling float tank near you?" or "where to float", come see us at True Float in Paddington. 


Quick tips before you float

Firstly, avoid caffeine before the float by up to 4 hours.

If you can, try and skip or minimise coffee intake on the day of the float. Caffeine can create a restless mental and physical state, with an elevated heart rate, which unsurprisingly may not help you settle into the experience. 

Avoid loading your expectations. Due to increased popularity floating has gained a lot of hype, most of that hype comes from experienced floaters. If it’s your first time floating, allow space to accept and adjust to the float, environment and centre. Deeper and profound floats certainly do happen, usually the from experience and the more you float. Your first float is a great novel, and enjoyable experience.

Don’t arrive starving or stuffed, aim to arrive reasonably neutral or satisfied. Digesting a heavy meal is just as distracting as thinking about food due to arriving hungry. Unless of course you are experienced with Fasting. On a 3 day fast, floating really helped my discomforts and gave me some interesting visuals.

Wait for any fresh cuts, scrapes or tattoos to heal over; you may be able to tolerate the salt in the ocean but 350kg+ of medical grade Epsom Salt in no joke on open wounds.

Please visit our FAQ page for a broader range of questions you may have before you visit or call (04 0032 9902) or email ( and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist.

Now that you have a basic list of reasons to float and a simple guide on how to Float. So remember "when googling float tank near you?" or "where to float", come see us at True Float in Paddington.