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Infrared Sauna Near Me

Sometimes what we are seeking is right under our nose.

Want something to look forward to? Something to feel good about? The health boosting habit of relaxing in an Infrared sauna may be the thing you’ve been looking for. 

Infrared Sauna near you? Hopefully it’s True Float, a relaxed wellness centre supplying Infrared sauna and float tank sessions.

A client that stood out recently, is a young professional women who works in the CBD. She live’s close by in Potts point and frequently visit’s us multiple evenings a week. Knowing all the benefits of Sauna use, I was curious to ask what Infrared saunas did for her.

She told me the main reason she enjoyed the Infrared Sauna was because of how well it make her skin look and feel, she wasn’t someone to use a lot of make up, she never really had and it made her skin break out. The Infrared sauna made her skin glow ( her words not mine) aiding in confidence around her appearance. She also mentioned the solid night’s sleep she regularly experienced after her session. 

How cool, finding ways to incorporate natural practices to lift your mood and boost your confidence is always a win, win situation.

Only beneficial side effects! a great recipe for a healthy lifestyle.

Clear skin is always a great selling point regarding the infrared sauna, so is ‘burning calories while relaxing’. 

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Yet the most important benefit of Sauna use which is often overlooked, likely due to it’s slightly more technical terminology. Is the reduction in All Cause Mortality

All cause Mortality is the most common ways people die of natural causes, the likely hood which increases the older we get. Mostly all cause mortality is associated with the circulatory system e.g heart disease, stroke, heart attack, aneurism, arteries issues, etc  

The infrared sauna positively stresses the circulatory system, which forces your body to ramp up it’s white blood cell count and flex it’s defences, while flushing the system. 

You’re not ONLY sweating out toxins, getting better sleep, an endorphin release, managing pain, aiding muscular recovery, burning calories, blah blah blah. Really to trump all that, you are aiding the body towards better health and longevity. 

Now considering our mortality often, is not natural to most of us but having a health habit like this certainly adds a bit of comfort when that consideration comes up. 

Is there an Infrared Sauna near you? I hope so and if there isn’t? Get close to True Float at 50 Oxford Street in Paddington.