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Paddington Massage Centre

Looking for a Massage spa in Paddington, finding it hard to book. Have you tried the alternative to a massage delivering a similar result with a few added bonuses? 

Float tank therapy or floating is like a massage but better depending on who you talk to, either way it’s worth trying to find out.

Similar to a Paddington massage centre we can offer both Infrared Saunas and Float tanks to help reset and alleviate mental and physical stress.


How is floating the alternative to a massage?

The water in a float tank is a comfortable 35ºC and each tank has 350-400kg of dissolved Epsom salts.

The Salt has two main functions, first the density of the water is similar to the dead sea only with even more salt and much cleaner, this allows you to float effortlessly on the surface of the warm water. 

Floating has an anti-gravity effect and because water is level your body can adjust its skeletal and muscular alignment. While suspended in this uniquely supported manner, small areas needing attention can come into awareness, while the body unwinds from tension developed from overused patterns.


The second function comes from the Epsom salt as a great source of absorbable magnesium, during a float magnesium is absorbed through the skin.

Magnesium influences the nervous system to chill out and helps many biological systems function better. Leaving your system toped up with all the magnesium benefits, releasing tight muscles and adding recovery, you are also likely to sleep well the night after a float.

Epsom salt is also great for you skin and hair.

The temperature in the tank, the darkness and reduction of sound creates a perfect environment to reduce sensory input. This is where REST (reduced environmental stimulation therapy) does a great job to re-associate you with you're breathing rhythm and heart beat, which are easily lost in all the noise. We can learn new or return to previous positive associations between visceral sensations and relaxation, similar to mediation. 

During a float you may drop away to deeper brain wave states of Delta and Theta existing somewhere between awake a sleep. The physical recovery can be influenced to a deeper place once the mind lets go.

There are many fantastic massage Paddington options for targeted release. Next time you're craving some self love, physical and mental recovery, consider changing the words from ‘Paddington Massage’ to ‘Paddington Float’ Centre next time you google and look for True Float. 

The place where your entire system will appreciate the visit.