Float Therapy

75 min


If no one is scheduled after you, stay in longer at no extra cost.

Infrared Sauna

45 min




45 min sauna +

75 min float


The ultimate recovery. Treat yourself to the seriously relaxing therapeutic combo of the Float-Sauna. 

The Sauna opens your pores to release toxins and floating your body absorbs magnesium from the Epsom salts, the combo effect is deeply relaxing.

To book the Flauna:

1. Select your Infrared Sauna time-slot

2. Select a Float in the consecutive time-slot

3. Use code FLAU at the checkout to apply discount


B2B Float

2 hr 30 min


A back to back session. Secure a longer float and feel the layers fall away. 


Regular Floating is where you really notice the benefits and so our membership is set up to make float therapy as affordable as possible.

Mello Float Membership

$50 per month

3 month minimum

​Mindful practitioner, serious about recovery, or a natural psychonaut? Whether it's mind, body, or soul our membership is designed to be flexible to suit you.

  • 1 Float per month, additional floats $50

  • Share your membership price with anyone

  • Go unlimited - Float 6 times in the month and get unlimited FREE floats for the rest of the month.

  • Infrared Sauna access for just $35

  • 3-month low commitment - no pressure, just come float. 

Mello Sauna Membership

$35 per fortnight

6 week minimum

Frequent sauna use increases all of the practices' great benefits. Come get hot with our low commitment sauna membership. 

  • 1 sauna per fortnight, additional sauna sessions $35

  • Bring a friend for $10

  • Float access for just $50

  • 6-week low commitment

Want to do something creative with floating, longer floats, early morning, late night?

Give us a call.

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