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Sydney Float Tank Centre

We are a Sydney float centre and Infrared sauna location, focused on providing the right environment for floatation therapy, and deeper relaxation in general.

If you’re searching for float tank Sydney, you have come to the right place, the location is central yet the space is out of the way, no other Float tank in Sydney is beneath the street level like our tanks are.  It’s hard to imagine our location to suit anything else.

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Float therapy sydney

Floating is a very subjective experience, what one person experiences may not reflect what another person experiences, also within the individual. As each day we wake with a different mood, with different physical and mental demands, depending on the flow of the week.


This is a good reason to try floating at least 3 times and to change the timing for each float. Maybe you try floating in the mid morning, or a catch up float for the afternoon slump. And some prefer to unwind from the day, floating into the evening. Playing around with the timing of your sessions could show you different benefits post float.

What’s the therapy aspect behind Floatation tank therapy? A float tank is unique in that it can separate the conscious mind from the body, where usually the two are connected while awake. Like when we sleep the sympathetic nervous system chills out, the fight or flight response usually turns off, releasing hormones as cortisol levels lower. This can signal the mind to relax to deeper theta and delta brain wave states.

When you do let go on a float, you exist somewhere between awake and sleep, sometimes conscious of the deeply relaxing state your in while able to explore deep thinking and/or do some work. Other times sinking deeper your mind goes with the body to a no-where zone, time perception is altered and you emerge rested.

Floating is therapeutic physically and mentally, the body absorbs magnesium which can stay in your system for a few days after.

Relaxing muscles, the anti gravity effect helps with skeletal alignment and highlighting tight spots to address. The reduction of light and sound, provides the right environment for the mind to unwind and your eyes to recover from blue light exposure.

Something I’ve personally noticed is how well float tank therapy has helped increase my general self awareness between the connectivity from my brain to my body. When a thought naturally pops into my head (I was float dreaming about free diving and then sharks came into the scene) that then triggers an emotion, especially noticeable for naturally uncomfortable emotions. I can literally feel the flood of cortisol and whatever else is involved flowing down from my brain. Through out my whole nervous system, triggering a major physical response.



One moment I am barley conscious of my body the next moment my fight or flight response has been activated and I roused with tension out of my relaxed state. Which brought up the question, how often is this happening in our daily life, and impacting our experience. Something that is extremely heightened in the float tank may go unnoticed in amongst the noise and chaos of our day.

Is this where all of the tension comes from that sits in our shoulders and creeps up our backs?

Now floating won’t necessarily fix this, yet I think it’s a great gateway to increasing general awareness and helping with insights towards deeper self regulation.

The more I float the easier it is to stay in a deeper state of relaxation, and anything that comes up and pulls me out. Often showed me something significant, increasing my personal insight.

Float therapy has the potential for greater emotional balancing, a smoother more conscious journey.

This is just a natural by product of my floating journey. Many Float to  just relax and recover and pass out on a cloud. And some go deeper, to work on mindfulness and meditation.

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Being a large Sydney float center, we have the flexibility to accommodate up to 5 floaters. That flexibility also allows us on quiet days to offer longer floats at no extra cost. Which to us is something any experienced floater knows to ask to check the authenticity of the centres float culture.

So if you’re looking to float in Sydney there are many to find and choose from. But there is only one True Float, a place where you can chill, chat and float longer.